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Really happy with this beautiful plant. 2 Leaves had been trimmed back at the bottom, but the rest of the plant looks super healthy. Arrived quickly and was very well packaged - would definitely recommend this seller Thanks Greenplants Nursery

Queenline Mc Tampa,FL

Another healthy plant from this seller, well packaged and would not hesitate ordering again from them. Thanks Update, this plant is a Florida green, not a Florida ghost, the new leaf is green not pale green/white.

John Donald Ohio

Quality is amazing more than my expectations omg is really fast shipping i thought they next door l have so many I still want more😂

Kwills Youngstown,OH

Was surprised at the quality of the plant considering it was listed as damaged! Still stable and actively growing after a few months, damage never progressed. Arrived with a few leaf ends trimmed, but not an issue. Very healthy root system. Was concerned about winter shipping, but it arrived in two days to north east US. Would purchase again!

Kattie USA

Beautiful Hoya, I can't stop looking such a beauty. A large plant and is growing a new tendril. Thanks a lot! 🌹

Derrick T. Arizona

Healthy plant with two growth points but was a little disappointed in the packaging (it had been bent in half to fit in the box), it has perked up but caused unnecessary damage to the existing leaves 🍃 that being said will definitely be ordering again!

Emilly Loiseville

Plant arrived very well packaged with heat pack, looks excellent and I’m very happy with my purchase.

Jermain Long Nashville ,TN

Thank you very much, amazingly packed with a heat pack and delivered so quickly. It’s so lovely to receive a full plant and not just a small cutting. I’m excited to see my Hoya polyneura grow…

Russel mercy Grand Rapids

Received quickly and well packaged. Plant is healthy and I am very pleased with my plant. Just hope I give it lots of love and care to flower - that will be a blessing. Thanks.

Lorrence merck London

Healthy plant 3 days delivery..great Expected a larger plant....didn't realise UK law states the size is determined from the base of the pot, not where the plant emerges from the soil....so all correct. Would recommend this seller.

Fred Jesse UK

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